Registration for Teachers

On this page, teachers and supervisors can register to have access to the final exam of the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competiton and to upload the final exam answers of their students. Further details are available in this information document: Information Flyer

Thank you! You should have received a confirmation email from us! Please make sure to check your spam folder. Please contact us if you do not receive an approval within seven days! As soon as you are approved you can use the online teacher interface:

There was an error with your registration! This could have one of the following reasons:
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  • To your email exists already a teacher.
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  • There was an error with your name. Only English characters are allowed. Do not use non-English characters (for exmaple symbols from Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.) to avoid issues.
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Full Name

Information: Please write here your full name (forename and surname). Only English characters are allowed.


Information: We will send you important information to this email address. Make sure to check the spam folder to receive emails from *!

Name of School or Institute

Information: Please enter the name of your affiliated school or institute.

Proof about the eligibility as an independent authority

Link to your profile/contact on official website (optional)

Information: Registered teachers have access to the performance reports of their students and have the ability to upload the results of the final round. Because of that, it necessary to provide a proof about the elegibiliy as an independent authority or your position as teacher or supervisor. We accept following documents:

    + Letter of appointment.
    + Contract with school or institute.
    + Teacher identification card/license.
    + Link to your profile/contact on an official website (and ID/passport document).

We do not accept following documents: business cards, university degrees/diplomas, passports, LinkedIn profiles.

If you are mentioned on your official school website (e.g. profile, contact informations, recent article), please insert the link to this page above. However, please upload an identification document in this case (e.g. ID, passport, driver license, teacher license). (Reason: To avoid that other people use your identity to register as fake teacher.)

Data Policy: All documents will be used exclusively for the approval and will be deleted after the final round!

Signed teacher form (Download)

Information: Please download the teacher form (PDF) for the final round and upload a signed copy. It is required to upload the form in order to confirm your compliance with the rules of the final exam. The form also includes the most important instructions and regulations for the final exam.

Password (for Teacher Login)

Information: Your password has be at least eight characters long! It will be used for the login: Teacher Login

I agree to the Rules and Data Policy of the IAAC 2019.