IAAC Ambassador Aaron Chen

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Aaron Chen

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Accomplished (Score: 590)

United States, Fremont
Mission San Jose High School

Aaron Chen is a junior at Mission San Jose High School who has a passion for astronomy, math, and science. He has already made significant contributions to these fields by serving as a Galaxy Explorer at Chabot Space & Science Center and volunteering as a docent at the San Francisco State University Observatory. Aaron is currently serving as the president of the Youth Euclid Association (YEA). He is also in the student leader program of the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) and received numerous awards for his achievements in collegiate math and physics competitions. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys good food and woodworking. Aaron is also an avid stargazer who loves to travel to new places to observe the night sky. When he's not exploring the universe, he enjoys reading books and listening to music.