IAAC Ambassador Aarohi Malhotra

Official IAAC Ambassador

Aarohi Malhotra

 Ambassador Level
Newcomer (Score: 100)

Canada, Brampton
St. Edmund Campion S.S.

Hello! I am Aarohi, an aspiring astrophysicist or aerospace engineer. I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of space and all the unanswered questions about the universe we call our home. My first nickname when I was little was “question mark” and even today, I still have never stopped asking questions. Curiosity has always driven me to pursue my passions in astrophysics and will continue to inspire me throughout my life. Aside from academia, I love travelling, photography, and music as I play the drums and piano. I am excited to be an IAAC ambassador and have to opportunity to share my devotion to astronomy because as they say, “The stars are calling and we must go.”