IAAC Ambassador Aditya Ramdasi

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Aditya Ramdasi

 Ambassador Level
Accomplished (Score: 550)

India, Sonipat
Ashoka University, Sonipat, Haryana, India

Hello There! I’m Aditya Ramdasi, a second-year undergraduate studying physics and philosophy at Ashoka University, Delhi NCR, India. I am currently interested in developing computational techniques to model high-energy astrophysical systems, study galactic dynamics, and characterize exoplanets. In philosophy, I am primarily interested in formal logic, neuroscientific frameworks of consciousness, philosophy of science, math, and mind. Apart from academics, I’ve also been learning and playing the Hindustani percussion instrument Tabla for 11+ years. I regularly read historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and engage in science outreach activities as well.