IAAC Ambassador Ahmad Belal Hamid

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Ahmad Belal Hamid

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Experienced (Score: 1050)

Afghanistan, Mazar-i-sharif
Afghan-turk Maarif Schools Mazar-i-sharif Boys High School

I am Ahmad Bilal, a resident of Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan. My age is 17 and I am studying in the 12th grade at Afghan-Turk maarif schools Mazar-i-Sharif boys high school. I have a special interest in mathematics and physics, and astronomy is one of the subjects that I am very interested and curious about. One of my other favorite fields is psychology. I am very interested in understanding the secrets of psychology and knowing the human psyche. Because mathematics and physics are two of my favorite subjects, I have participated in several competitions and international Olympiads and have been honored. Physics competitions that I have participated in, such as: Ibn Haitham, IAAC and several others. And the mathematics competitions that I have participated in, such as AIMO, IYMC, etc., I have full access to my English language, and I have passed competitions and obtained grades in this field, and I also intend to pass the TOEFL or IELTS exam, and I hope I am getting good grades in them