IAAC Ambassador Akram Haitham Mohamed Soliman

Official IAAC Ambassador

Akram Haitham Mohamed Soliman

 Ambassador Level
Accomplished (Score: 600)

Egypt, Beni-suef
Stem 6th October

Hey everybody, I am Akram Haitham. I am student in STEM October School in grade 11. I am an ambassador in IAAC (international Astronomy and Astrophysics competition). I want to invite you to participate in this competition. it is really interesting for every one love physics and math. IAAC consists of three rounds, the qualification round in which there are five questions you have to complete at least three right answers if you are under 18 and four if you are 18 or over to be qualified to the next round and take a participation certificate and the questions in this round are too easy and the deadline for submission is in 30 April. Then the Pre-Final round in which you have an exam of 10 questions in five days and they are not hard The final round is an online 30 questions exam each question has 60 seconds. https://iaac.space/docs/IAAC_Flyer.pdf This file contains all information needed in detail. https://iaac.space/en/ This is the website for further information and participation