IAAC Ambassador Asifur Rahman Bhuyan

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Asifur Rahman Bhuyan

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Newcomer (Score: 10)

Bangladesh, Dhaka
Jahangirnagar University

I am Asifur Rahman Bhuyan. People also address me as Shuvo. I am basically from a small town named Brahmanbaria but currently staying in Dhaka the capital of bangladesh. Right now I am studying in department of physics, Jahangirnagar University which is a public research university. I am self motivated, hard-working and a disciplined person. My ambition is to be a part of a team which works in nano technology or rocket science. In my childhood, I was fond of watching sky and counting the stars. While sleeping I had been thinking about the stars and the secrets behind the stars. I have always a thirst for knowledge. That’s why from childhood I was always searching the answers of the secrets. When I admitted in department of physics I was too happy to explain as believing that the thirst of my knowledge about astronomy may quench here. In my department I met some of my senior who are involve in many international competition. From them I heard about iaac that is about astrophysics and astronomy. Then I participated almost every year in the competition of iaac. I want to connect with iaac as I believe that IAAC will be a platform for me from where I can easily achieve my goal.