IAAC Ambassador Asratun Sarmin Anjum

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Asratun Sarmin Anjum

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Experienced (Score: 290)

Bangladesh, Dhaka
Jahangirnagar University

I am Asratun Sarmin Anjum, a Bangladeshi girl from a small village with large thoughts. In my life, I have seen many colors and aspects of life. When I was a child, I faced sexism from my community and even within my own family. I believe the world must be equal for every child. I work hard every day to make a change, even though the change is little. Making a change even on a small scale will let me one day change on a bigger scale. And education is the most accepted and easiest way to show people what one person can do. My target is to get in touch with so many students I can in my lifetime to inspire them that there is nothing that they can not do. Make them realize that we have to create a soft corner in our hearts to help others. Our society may bind our hands with chains, but we have to break those chains together to end the orthodoxy of inequality.