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Atanikitha Pathiranage Saumya Kumari

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Sri Lanka, Colombo
Ceylon Institute Of Space Science

I’m Saumya Pathirana, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ceylon Institute of Space Science (Pvt) Ltd. (CISS). Physics has been my favorite subject since childhood. After I had completed my Master's in physics, I converged to the field of astronomy. I have got many opportunities to engage with students in astronomy camps, night observation camps, and astronomy competitions. The most important fact I learned in all these is that most students try to learn astronomy by reading books and most probably by surfing the internet. They prefer to recite facts about the cosmos by heart, unfortunately majority of them lack of knowledge to read the night sky. My ambition is to train students to read the night sky and encourage students to do research in the field of astronomy. My ultimate goal is to build an observatory and international research center in this country to do astronomy research and work collaboratively with the international community in the field.