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Teja Begari

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Experienced (Score: 240)

India, Hyderabad, Telangana.
The American Association of Variable Star Observers

Teja Begari, born on September 27, 2006, in Hyderabad, India, is a dynamic junior astronomer and the youngest ambassador for the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). Acknowledged by the India Book of Records, Teja's exceptional contributions extend to serving as the Education ambassador for the National Science Foundation's NOIRLab and Rubin Observatory. His journey into astronomy commenced in the third grade, sparked by a textbook illustration of the Sol System, setting the stage for a profound and early passion for exploring the cosmos. Teja is an active researcher, currently delving into observational astronomy using data from UNAM and GTC. His commitment to advancing the field also extends to his exploration of X-ray astronomy, focusing on pulsars and black holes. His research paper, "X-ray luminosity versus orbital period of AM CVn systems," published in JAAVSO, reflects his dedication to advancing the field. His achievements include winning awards in quiz competitions, notably a Silver Honour in the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition. Engaging in diverse citizen science projects, he actively contributes to initiatives such as the Asteroid search project with NASA's partnership and Galaxy Classification by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Teja's commitment extends to variable star observations, submitting reports to the AAVSO for professional scientists to utilize in their research. An accomplished public speaker, Teja has been invited to speak at international conferences, including the AAVSO annual meets and the Global Hands-on Universe conference. Notably, he was an invited speaker at the 110th and 111th annual meets of AAVSO, featured in their annual reports. His exemplary communication skills have also led to talks for different organizations, both nationally and internationally, showcasing his global impact. Teja's articles have reached international audiences, published in journals such as Vasiona, a Serbian publication, and the Chinese Amateur Astronomers magazine. His connections span across the globe, with a network of astronomers from different parts of the planet, demonstrating his commitment to learning and collaborating on a global scale. Recognized with prestigious awards, including the Global Kids Achievers Award for Astronomy and the International Kalam's Golden Award, Teja's impact extends beyond accolades. He was also honored with the Talents Confluence Award by Padmashri Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai. His work in dispelling myths about astronomical events and fostering connections with astronomers globally underscores his dedication to expanding our understanding of the universe. Teja Begari, through his multifaceted contributions to research, citizen science, and science communication, has emerged as a notable figure in the field of astronomy, inspiring curiosity and promoting scientific knowledge worldwide.