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Christi Bhattarai

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India, Guwahati
Vellore Institute Of Technology, Bhopal

I am Christi Bhattarai a student at Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal campus in India and I am studying Aerospace Engineering. I am currently in my 2nd year and will graduate in the summer of 2025. From 2nd grade, I have been told tales and stories about astronauts, aliens, blackholes etc. Since then, I have been very curious to know more. I love studying the night sky and watching the fascinating stars. Reading Stephen Hawking's books and watching sci-fi movies like 'Interstellar' attracted me more towards the mysterious world above us. My fascination with the world above us motivated me to become involved in this industry. Then I came across space mission designs and satellite designs. I took up Aerospace Engineering and I have been exposed to a lot of new topics about fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and others. I am also part of the core team for the SEDS Nebula chapter. I have great knowledge of aerodynamics and space missions. I am familiar with software like MATLAB, Fusion 360, Ansys and Python programming. I would love to encourage young minds to engage with IAAC and expand their knowledge and gain confidence.