IAAC Ambassador Dilawaiz Saghir

Official IAAC Ambassador

Dilawaiz Saghir

 Ambassador Level
Honoured (Score: 900)

Pakistan, Islamabad
Institute Of Space Technology, Islamabad

I am Dilawaiz Saghir, a passionately curious Space Science student at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. I am studying enthusiastically to work in the environment of computational astrophysics. At the young age of 15, I read “A Brief History of Time”, a book that changed everything for me, an experience that sparked my passion for astronomy which has only grown ever since. Besides astronomy and astrophysics, I have a keen interest in graffiti art, classic literature, and gothic architecture with many certifications in the former. I have worked voluntarily for the education of students in the underprivileged area, and I aspire to be one of the best computational astrophysicists and space educators of Pakistan; as astronomy seeks to satisfy our curiosity.