IAAC Ambassador Esmatullah Amin

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Esmatullah Amin

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Newcomer (Score: 10)

Afghanistan, Kabul
Ariana Afghan-turk Boys High School

Introducing Esmatullah Amin, a passionate and driven individual dedicated to making a difference in the world of education and astronomy. At just 16 years old, Esmatullah has already made significant contributions as an instructor in the Breaking Barrier organization, where he teaches Afghan girls online, empowering them to embrace their potential and overcome obstacles. In addition to his teaching endeavors, Esmatullah is the proud founder of the Stellar Organization, a platform aimed at promoting astronomy education and inclusivity. Through the Stellar Organization, he strives to create opportunities for students of all backgrounds to explore the wonders of the universe and nurture their passion for science. Esmatullah's commitment to empowering others, coupled with his love for astronomy, drives his ambition to become an IAAC Ambassador. With his engaging workshops, presentations, and digital content, he aims to inspire students worldwide, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration. Esmatullah's dedication, perseverance, and vision make him an ideal candidate for the IAAC Ambassador position. Through his work, he aspires to inspire the next generation of astronomers and create a more inclusive and diverse community in the field of astronomy.