IAAC Ambassador Farzana Akter Lima

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Farzana Akter Lima

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Newcomer (Score: 40)

Bangladesh, Dhaka
Govt. Bangla College

I'm Farzana Akter Lima from Bangladesh and I've been stargazing since I was a child. Astronomy has always fascinated me, and I've spent countless hours studying it. That's why I participated in several competitions related to Astronomy. But my love for astronomy isn't just for me. I want to inspire others to explore the wonders of the universe, and I've organized stargazing events and workshops for my community. And now, as an IAAC Ambassador, I get to be a mentor to young astronomers and encourage them to pursue their interests in space science. I believe that passion and dedication are powerful tools, and they've led me to excel in astronomy and inspire others to do the same. I'm thrilled to be a part of the IAAC community and to continue spreading my love for the cosmos.