IAAC Ambassador Haydar Al Houssein Elouaer

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Haydar Al Houssein Elouaer

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Newcomer (Score: 810)

Tunisia, Tunis
École Internationale De Tunis

Bio: It's my pleasure to introduce myself, I am Hayder Al Houssein Elouaer, I'm 14 years old, and I live in Tunisia. I'm passionate about horse-riding and football: the horse-riding for its peacefulness and the football for the teamwork aspect. However, my true passion lies in astronomy, due to its vast and fascinating world. I find that astronomy and astrophysics are very interesting as they explain topics related to our universe and the laws that govern it... And what matters the most for me is that we could learn about plank energy and the dark matter, that I presented and discussed at TEDx astro event, and even the topic of  dark energy that I worked on during last year's competition. Despite my young age, I remain interested in subjects that surpass my school level, because when it comes to passion, age is irrelevant.