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Iago Braz Mendes

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United States, Oberlin, OH
Oberlin College

Hello, world! My name is Iago. Throughout my journey, I have been deeply involved with Physics, Astronomy, and Computer Science in many experiences, about which you can learn more on my LinkedIn profile (linkedin.com/in/iago-b-mendes). As a software engineer, I have mostly been involved with web development, but I have also experimented with other areas. As a researcher, I have been conducting research in the area of Theoretical Astrophysics during my college degree, focusing heavily in the computational methods. At the moment, a field that interests me a lot is Quantum Computing. I am trying to learn more about this area and searching for opportunities. My current post-college goal is to go to a graduate school in order to pursue a PhD in Quantum Information and Computation. The scientific competitions changed my life, and it is a pleasure to help spread the IAAC to my community!