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Ismail Yazini

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Newcomer (Score: 20)

Morocco, Rabat
Institut Nationale Des Postes Et Télécommunications

My name is Ismail Yazini and I’m software development engineer student in Morocco. I have been passionate about space and astronomy since my childhood seeing how fascinating and mysterious it seemed at my young age and, of course, my dream was to become an astronaut. My passion grew even more when I started to understand some of the physical concepts behind those mysteries. Although, at some point, I developed another passion for software development since astronomy isn’t really a common career path in Morocco. However, I still hope that I could use my skills in software development in an astronomy-oriented way. Ideally, I could work with NASA or with a company such as SpaceX. Subsequently, I will be able to pursue both my passions and merge them in such a way that I would thrive and enjoy every second of my work every day.