IAAC Ambassador Jashanpreet Singh Dingra

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Jashanpreet Singh Dingra

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Newcomer (Score: 60)

India, Patiala
The Millennium School

Hello! I'm Jashanpreet Singh Dingra, a 17-year-old amateur astrophysicist and astronomy data analyst from India. With a passion for exploring the mysteries of the cosmos, I've conducted research on AGN feedback on star formation galaxies and led both the Dingrastro Club an Astronomy Club, uniting over 200 astrophiles. My achievements include receiving the IAAC Bronze Honor in 2021 and being recognized as an Astronomy Olympiad Scholar in 2023. As an IAAC Ambassador, I aim to inspire students across India to delve into the wonders of astronomy through seminars, webinars, and hands-on activities, fostering a deep interest in the subject and preparing them for success in IAAC competitions. My website: https://astrodingra.github.io