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Jithin Raj Nagula

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India, Coimbatore
Karunya Institute Of Technology And Sciences

In my childhood when I was sleeping on my terrace in my house and gazing at the stars I used to get a lot of questions in my mind that is who we are? How we got here? How the universe was formed? and while I was studying I came to know that how the astronomy and astrophysics changed the world we see today. And I decided to become an astronaut and astronomer to answer this basic fundemental quesions and explore the universe. I am currently pursuing Bachelor's of Technology in Aerospace Engineering from Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. My understanding about science is to learn practically and to know how the concepts has developed. My opinion on studies is to learn concept in a such a way that we have to solve problems practically with help of concept that we learnt. That is if learnt the concept we should be able to solve 100 problems. Learning the formulae and practicing the problems won't work only understanding the concept and applying it in the problem will help us to gain the knowledge.