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Jose Copas

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Newcomer (Score: 30)

Bolivia, Tarija
Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo", Sede Tarija

Greetings! I'm José Copas, 19 years old, from the beautiful city Tarija. Even though I love my career in Law, and my job as a musician, my scientific interest has remained a constant from very early in my life. Having achieved a Bronze Honour in the 2021 IAAC, as well as engaging in other scientific competitions constantly. Transitioning from a participant to a mentor, I founded and nurtured my former school's informatics team, sparking a newfound passion for education. Now, I'm drawn to the opportunity of becoming an IAAC Ambassador, where I hope to infuse Tarija's educational landscape with the excitement of astronomy and astrophysics. Beyond the thrill of competitions, my vision involves fostering curiosity among students, collaborating with schools, and creating opportunities for real-world scientific experiences.