IAAC Ambassador Klila Selim

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Klila Selim

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Newcomer (Score: 30)

Tunisia, Hammamet, Nabeul
Ideal High School

Since my childhood, I am astonished by not only astronomy but also astrophysics and cosmology. In fact, astronomy gives me a sort of new philosophy that provides us with the deep knowledge about the world around us and beyond. Around 2 years ago I joined the "Youth and science Association of Tunisia" to learn more about this field and evolve my skills and knowledge in preparation for participing in the "IAAC" 2021 and 2020 editions. For me, Astronomy teaches both the insignificance and significance of us in this universe and second the beauty of it, let it be the stars, the night sky, Dark matter.I feel astronomy is a combination of beauty with mystery and silence that needs to be explored.