IAAC Ambassador Kriti Tutika

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Kriti Tutika

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Newcomer (Score: 60)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Esf South Island School

Hi everyone! I’m Kriti, currently a Year 12 student at ESF South Island School, Hong Kong. My love for astronomy has led me on an exciting journey of exploration and learning. I've learned so much through books, attended stargazing events, and participated in astronomy clubs to deepen my knowledge and share my passion with like-minded enthusiasts. I've even had the opportunity to collaborate on astronomy-related research projects, which have fueled my curiosity and ignited my desire to contribute to the field. The IAAC pushed the boundaries of my knowledge, challenged my problem-solving skills, and exposed me to the incredible opportunities available in the world of astronomy. I would be thrilled to share my enthusiasm for astronomy and inspire other students to embark on their own cosmic journeys. Together, let's explore the wonders of the universe, unlock its secrets, and reach for the stars!