IAAC Ambassador Letícia Negreiros Lima

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Letícia Negreiros Lima

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Newcomer (Score: 130)

Brazil, Niterói, Rio De Janeiro
Unirio (universidade Federal Do Estado Do Rio De Janeiro)

Since I was little, after watching the show “cosmos” by the illustrious Carl Sagan, I was passionate about astronomy and science. Since then I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I always knew that it wouldn't be an easy path, since I'm a woman, Latina and I don't come from a family with money. But it never shook me After going to one of the best colleges in Brazil, UNIRIO, for a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, I decided that I would pursue the field of Astrobiology. During the pandemic, specifically in 2020, I met the IAAC, after years without contact with a scientific competition. With that, this competition brought me back with everything to this world. I am currently part of one of the best competition teams in Brazil, the ARES project, where we have participated in several competitions; In addition to owning a CubeSat of the Brazilian Satellite Olympics. Finally, I can say that all this made me arrive at one of the biggest research institutions, Fiocruz. And even then, this is just the beginning.