IAAC Ambassador Matija Babić

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Matija Babić

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Newcomer (Score: 270)

United Kingdom, London
Dulwich College

Universe. The endless expanse of mysteries just waiting for anyone brave, curious, and committed enough to explore and understand it. Ever since I was a child I wanted that person to be me, and I spent a large chunk of my life studying and learning more about physics and astrophysics. Coming from Montenegro, I always looked for more opportunities to achieve my goal. In that search, I was recommended to visit the IAAC website. For two years now, their competitions were a big part of my journey to develop and expand my knowledge about astronomy. I have already written several projects with topics in astronomy as well, giving me some practical experience. I hope that one day I will be able to directly explore the mysteries of the cosmos, to create my mark on this wonderful area of physics.