IAAC Ambassador Moustafa Ashraf Ashmawy

Official IAAC Ambassador

Moustafa Ashraf Ashmawy

 Ambassador Level
Senior (Score: 780)

Egypt, Alexandria
Zewail City of Science and Technology

I am Moustafa Ashmawy, a Zewail City student who is interested in astronomy and Astrophysics. I am the founder of Astronomy club in Alexandria STEM School and the organizer of world space week in the school. Moreover, I am enthusiastic about science and new scientific research. In addition, I a social media influencer, loves science communication and creative writing about different disciplinaries. You can find me distracted meditating in anything thinking how it works or screaming in a wide place waiting for echoes come back or stargazing during a quiet starry night and knowing the science and the reason behind everything is the most part that ignite my passion.