IAAC Ambassador Rajan Poudel

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Rajan Poudel

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Newcomer (Score: 20)

Nepal, Chitwan
Ankuram Academy

Hello, my name is Rajan Poudel and I am a grade 11 student at the Ankuram Academy. I am passionate about astronomy and astrophysics and I want to share this passion with other students in my country and beyond. I have participated in several events and courses related to astronomy and astrophysics, and I have earned various certificates from Coursera and other platforms. I think that these certificates demonstrate my commitment and enthusiasm for learning new things and expanding my horizons. As an IAAC ambassador, I would like to promote the IAAC competition and inspire more students to join this amazing community of science lovers. I have a good connection with people and I can use my communication and leadership skills to organize and conduct various activities and workshops for the IAAC participants. I believe that astronomy and astrophysics are not only fascinating subjects, but also powerful tools for developing critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity in young minds. I hope that you will consider my application and give me a chance to become an IAAC ambassador. Thank you for your attention.