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Ramesh Pattar

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United States, Prosper
Prosper High School

My name is Ramesh Pattar and I am a sophomore at Prosper High School in Prosper, Texas. I am extremely interested in the field of astronomy and astrophysics and am looking for mentorship opportunities for me to begin my research experiences. I believe that this would be a great opportunity for me to gain research skills and practical knowledge on how the process works. I am particularly interested in the field of theoretical physics and astronomical observation. I have had some experience in these fields through the physics courses at my school, but also by involving in the Texas Astronomical Society, in which I have conducted many observations as my role of vice president. I have also competed in and won many technical writing competitions such as the NASA Scientist for a Day competitions and many Future Engineers Challenges, which have provided me with ample knowledge regarding scientific research and astronomy. Currently, I am looking for ways that I can impact the scientific community and aid in the growth of passion amongst others who share this with me.