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Íris Eduarda Forcel Roncada

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Brazil, Itápolis-sp
E.m.e.f " Professor José Toledo De Mendonça"

My name is Íris Eduarda Forcel Roncada, I'm 14 years old, I'm from Itápolis, in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. I love reading, studying, drawing, participating in scientific Olympics, launching MOBFOG rockets, giving talks about science. I play the guitar and violin, I sing, I take Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) classes. In my science career, I learned more about technology and most importantly, we girls can launch rockets and be whatever we want. My dream is to be able to study much more, help children to learn science and astronomy. I think for my future I will study hard to have a good job and maybe become an Aerospace Engineer at NASA.