IAAC Ambassador Sameer Yasin

Official IAAC Ambassador

Sameer Yasin

 Ambassador Level
Experienced (Score: 240)

India, Kanpur
Gulmohar Public School

Sameer, a seventeen-year-old, Innovator, Socio entrepreneur and Activist, who believes in bringing change by actively innovating and researching on global problems, He believes in doing the right thing regardless of what the opposition says. He has constantly engaged in global competitions such as NASA HERC where his documentation skills made his RFP rank top 15 globally, He is also a Team leader in the New York Academy of Science where he avidly learns and leads his teams through different challenges in diverse sectors, He is a former silver honour awardee of IAAC itself. Among all of these accomplishments, Humble in his beginnings, sameer believes in giving back to the community for which he founded his initiative to help people overcome Environmental and social problems that are overlooked by authorities. Sameer is an aspiring master of all trades who wants to ideate, innovate and implement solutions for a better future for everyone.