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Shveta Sundar

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United States, Plano, Tx
Lebanon Trail High School

Shveta Sundar (she/her), a junior from Lebanon Trail High School in Frisco TX, is pursuing a future in Aeronautical Engineering and Astrophysics. Driven by high-achieving values and especially intrigued in the STEM field she serves and is part of various science and technology clubs in her school, some including Maths and Physics Olympiad and Girls in STEM. Outside of school, she loves to have hobbies such as mastering difficult violin pieces, solving impossible puzzles, learning about Astronomy, and most importantly delving into the deep unknowns of our world. She also absolutely loves to travel, especially to National Parks! Fun Fact, she has visited over 40 national parks so far! Shveta has always loved indulging herself in STEM-related activities since she was a little girl. One of her favorite things to do is to look at the world from a different perspective and see the world we live in as a complex jigsaw puzzle, bound together by the complex patterns of science and technology. This concept has fascinated her throughout her life and has even further matured through the various science and technology-based classes she’s taken in high school so far. Some of her specific STEM interests are Aeronautical Engineering and Astrophysics. You can ask anyone she knows and they will say that her face lights up whenever she learns or hears something about both of these two amazing fields. Shveta feels so inclined every day to wake up and make revolutionary differences in the world of STEM, she believes there is so much we have yet to learn and discover as human beings in this world controlled by science and innovation. We have come so far in making ground-breaking discoveries, let’s all go a step further and uncover more of the scientific mysteries that lay ahead of us. Who knows through this journey being enlightened with STEM, we are only a few great efforts away from making the wildest of our dreams into reality