IAAC Ambassador Tarek Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed Abdelaal

Official IAAC Ambassador

Tarek Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed Abdelaal

 Ambassador Level
Accomplished (Score: 450)

Egypt, Zagazig
Ismailia STEM High School

My name is Tarek; extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. I am confident in my ability to come up with exciting ideas for unforgettable volunteer campaigns. I have been interested in volunteer work and student activities for a long time. I started a year ago to join many organizations to get experience in different fields, which makes me equipped for the labor market. For example, I started in student activities as an HR and graphic designer in diverse teams that care to improve youth skills in different fields. Last time, I was interested in the Public relations and fundraising committee. So, I improved my skills and got training from high teams and organizations. I am interested in Astronomy and astrophysics, I participated in IAAC and IYMC. I am a sponsorship director in NASA space Apps sharqia and a public relations specialist in TEDx STEM qena and KING Fahd school. Last season, I organized a live independently event that contributed to the successful generation of TEDx. Also, I improved my strong communication skills, building relationships, bargain, leadership, and time management because I volunteer in summer programs, extra activities, and some courses.