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Tashdid Ahmed Shitab

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Bangladesh, Dhaka
Military Institute Of Science And Technology

My name is Tashdid Ahmed Shitab. I am a science freak, not a CGPA freak ;p I always wonder how the universe has created, the big bang theory occurred the whole solar system.Every galaxy has a billion billion solar systems, every cluster has a billion galaxies, and all of this is surrounded by an unexplained radio field, which turns out to be the shockwaves left over from the beginning of time.The black hole is in the middle of the galaxy, distorting space time, and the pulsars rotate at angular velocities beyond our imagination. Supernovae are so energetic that they cannot even be expressed in words. Hundreds of light years can be involved in deadly radiation.After all these stuffs,how can anyone not love astronomy? It is the study of all these fantastic things and we study them only using the light which left the objects millions of years ago we are literally seeing backwards in time, to a younger universe!