IAAC Ambassador Widhia Bhagirathchand Solanki

Official IAAC Ambassador

Widhia Bhagirathchand Solanki

 Ambassador Level
Accomplished (Score: 350)

India, Ahmedabad
A.G. High School

Widhia Solanki is a fifteen year old, a junior high school student from Ahmedabad, India. She is an avid Astronomy Enthusiast with a passion of challenging herself by participating in different competitions. She is an Aerospace Engineering Aspirant . In addition to her academics, she enjoys observing the stars, the planets, different constellations using her own telescope. She is always motivated to make an impact on human life through her knowledge in Astronomy at her early age. For her, Astronomy teaches both the significance and insignificance of us in the universe. She wishes to inspire and encourage more students to explore the wonders of the Universe.