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Yawar Abbas

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Newcomer (Score: 50)

Pakistan, Islamabad
National Center of GIS and Space Applications

Hello scientists! This is Yawar Abbas. I am a passionate and enthusiastic individual with a deep love for Astronomy and Space Science. I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and the wonders of space exploration. My interest in astronomy began at a young age, and I have since pursued this passion through my academic studies and personal research. I am a Space Science graduate with major in Astronomy & Astrophysics. Currently, I am working as Research Assistant at National Center of GIS and Space Applications (NCGSA), Islamabad, Pakistan, where I am working on with Meade 16-inch telescope and Space and Astronomy awareness. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have had the opportunity to organize Space Summer Schools, Astronomy camps, stargazing events, lectures, and workshops. I also participated in IAAC 2019 and qualified for the final round.