Astro Buddy Program 2020

The global pandemic has caused a lot of distancing around the world. However, today's technologies can connect us and bring us closer together than ever before. Because astronomy always has united humans, we have initiated the Astro Buddy Program 2020. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with another former IAAC participant from around the world to exchange, learn, and maybe create international friendships.

What is the Astro Buddy Program about?

How does the Astro Buddy Program work?

  1. Register online for the program until Monday 30. November 2020.
  2. All registered participants get paired with another person based on interests and other factors.
  3. We will inform you in December about your buddy and his/her contact details via email.
  4. From there on, you and your buddy can connect, talk, and exchange (independently from IAAC).

Who is eligible to register?

How can I participate?

Please register via the link below until Monday 30. November 2020 to participate:

Further Questions & Answers

If you have any further issues or questions, please use the email of the Astro Buddy Program: buddy(at)

What does the term "Buddy" refer to?
We will pair all participants with another participant. We call these pairs "buddies". The person you are matched with will be your "buddy" and you will be their "buddy".

Are there any fees, obligations, or responsibilities?
No. We will connect you with another person around the world. After that, you are free to connect and get in touch with this person on your own.

When exactly will you inform me about my buddy?
In December. However, there is no specific date at the moment.

How do I connect with my buddy? Will IAAC provide a platform?
No, we will not provide a platform. However, we will send you and your buddy the contact details (Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, etc.) of each other. Both of you can then use the contact details to find a way to connect and maybe arrange a video call or similar.

Will my buddy be from another country?
You will have an option to choose whether you prefer to have a buddy from your or a different country. However, we can not guarantee any combinations as we cannot control who will register.

Will my buddy be of the same age as I am?
Yes, we will try to pair participants that are of the same age.

Will you pair female and male participants?
You will have an option to choose whether you prefer to have a buddy of the same or different gender.

Can I receive more than one person as a buddy?
No, we will connect every participant to one other person. Of course, if there are issues with your buddy (e.g. he/she is not responding to contact request), we will try to find a solution. Also, you are free to register again as soon as we start a new buddy matching phase.

Will I work on science problems with my buddy?
We will not provide any specific science problems to work on. However, if you and your buddy would like to explore astronomical aspects, research and more, you are free to do so. Also, we encourage you to exchange your interest in astronomy and science.

Will I receive a certificate for participating?
It is not planned to issue certificates of participation at the moment. However, we are still working out further details and will inform all participants about any changes or additions.