Rules and Data Policy

The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition gives you the unique opportunity to show your knowledge and astronomy skills! The IAAC is the biggest online astronomy competition for students from all countries. Win awards and cash prizes or become official IAAC ambassador in your country!

Most Important Points Vision and Values

§1:Astronomy is an outstanding scientific subject that has inspired us humans for thousands of years: By looking into the sky and imagining the earth as a tiny boat in the depth of space we feel connected and curious about all the planets, stars, and galaxies out there. The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition takes this fascination sparking subject and gives students the opportunity to challenge their astronomy and astrophysics knowledge in a friendly competition and - by participating - to learn more about this interesting subject and to extend their horizon.

§2: The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition has the aim to be accessible to all students from all countries regardless of their background, school, or institution. For that, the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition uses today's technologies and the global connection through the internet to make this competition possible: All you need is a pen, paper, and an internet connection to participate! In general, astronomy is a great motivation for students to get in touch with science. Our society is in need of capable scientists and engineers that develop, shape and maintain the innovations of the future. The initial motivation through scientific events and competitions can encourage students to a professional career as a researcher or engineer. We have the aim to provide a sophisticated competition platform and to enable students, parents, and teachers to get involved in the process of shaping your future.

Elegibilitiy and Participation

§3: In order to be eligible to participate in IAAC you have to be at least 10 years old and you have to be a student (high school or university). There are no other restrictions and students from all grades and all countries are invited to participate! There are two age categories: (1) Under 18: Age from 10 to 17 years, (2) Over 18: Age from 18 years.

§4: Students from both categories will receive the same problems in all rounds, however, students that are youths (18 years or older) will have to reach more points to qualify for the next round (e.g. to qualify for the pre-final round, students that are under 18 years have to reach 15 points and students that are over 18 years have to reach 20 points).

Prizes and Awards

§5: The prizes and awards worth a total of about 700 USD which includes cash prizes of 450 USD: All participants (regardless of the results) receive participation certificates to honor their efforts. The best students can achieve the 1. prize, 2. prize, and 3. prize as well as special awards for the best students from each region. All participants that use professional computer programs (e.g. TeX) to write down their solutions receive a special honorary note on their certificates since this skill is important for the future career of all students.

§6: Because IAAC is an international competition, we honor the best participants from each region of the world with a special certificate. We will send hard copies of the certificates to all prize winners. All participants and finalists will receive a soft copy of the certificate via email (in order to protect the environment).

§7: We understand the crucial role of teachers and schools for scientific education and for the encouragement of students for scientific subjects. Because of that, we award several school awards to honor the efforts of the teachers and the school:

§7.1: IAAC School Award for Most Participants: This award receives the school with the most overall participants of the qualification round to honor the efforts of the teachers for encouraging students to participate in science competitions.

§7.2: IAAC School Award for Most Finalists: This special award receives the school with the most students that have shown outstanding performance and have participated in the pre-final and/or final round.

§7.3: IAAC School Award for Excellence: This award receives the school with many outstanding students that have achieved high results throughout the overall competition to honor the quality education in general. The coordinators decide which and how many schools receives this award of excellence.

§8: Participating in international competitions is important for the personal development of students and it is a great achievement for your career. Furthermore, to participate in IAAC is a unique experience that will bring encouragement and motivation to all youths.

§9: Winners and former participants of IAAC become automatically part of the IAAC network: This network consists of outstanding and talented students from all around the world! You will receive important notifications and opportunities. Also, the IAAC team organizes meetups in several regions of the world – all participants are welcomed to come. These meetups are announced via email and on the social media channels.

Process and Deadlines

§10: The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition consists of three rounds: the qualification round, pre-final round, and final round. Each round has it's unique features to enable a challenging and interesting experience!

§11: The qualification round is the first stage and consists of five astronomy problems: A, B, C, D, and E. The problems are available online on the official IAAC website ( These astronomy problems vary in topic, difficulty, and subject. The problems range from knowledge skills to astrophysical calculations to make sure that everyone finds interesting problems to work out. The problems will sharpen your mind and also challenge your science, math, and astronomy skills!

§12: Each of the problems can give you up to 5 points and there are 25 points in total. All participants of the qualification round will receive participation certificates regardless of the results. You have to score at least 15 points (junior, under 18 years) or 20 points (youth, over 18 years) to qualify for the pre-final round.

§13: The submission deadline is Sunday 15. May 2020 23:59 UTC+0.

§14: In order to avoid connection issues, upload errors, and other problems, we highly recommend to submit the solution several days before the official submission deadline!

§15: The solution file may be typed digitally or it may be a clear picture of your handwritten notes. You can also write your solution in the blank space on the problems sheet. Participants that type their solutions on a computer receive a special note on their certificates. Please make sure to upload only PDF files or image files at the submission form. Also, make sure to write your name correctly as it will be used for all certificates and documents. There are no fees or registration costs to participate in the qualification round.

§16: The results of the qualification round will be announced on Monday 22. April 2020. You will receive an email about results, however, you can also check your submission status, your results, your performance report, and your certificates online at the submission status page. We highly encourage you to check your submission online:

§17: Participants that have solved the qualification round successfully are qualified to participate in the pre-final round. The problems will be more challenging, but even more interesting!

§18: The pre-final round consists of 10 different problems that vary in difficulty, points, and topic. There are three types of problems that give you four, six, and ten points: 4x Basic Problems: The pre-final round includes four basic problems (lowest difficulty). A correct solution to a basic problem adds four points to the total score. 4x Advanced Problems: The pre-final round includes four advanced problems that are more difficult. A correct solution to an advanced problem gives you six points. 2x Research Problems: The pre-final round includes two research problems: These problems require you to read two short scientific research papers and to learn about recent scientific results in order to solve the problems or questions. This will give you the chance to get in touch with scientific research while solving the problems.

§19: It is possible to reach up to 60 points in total. Participants have to reach at least 25 points (junior, under 18 years) or 35 points (youth, over 18 years) to qualify for the final round.

§20: All participants that are qualified and that are registered for the pre-final round will receive the problems via email or at the online status page on Monday 15. June 2020. From that day on you have one week until Sunday 21. June 2020 to solve as many problems as possible!

§21a: You can submit your solution online via a special submission form: You can choose if you would like to submit the solution as handwritten version or as computer typed document. We recommend writing the solution in the blank space on the problems sheet of the pre-final round. Computer typed versions do not receive a special note on their certificates. §21b: It is not allowed to work in groups on the problems of the pre-final round. Help or assistance from teachers, friends, family, or the internet is prohibited. However, the usage of textbooks and calculators is allowed for the pre-final round.

§22: If you succeed in the qualification round, you have the unique opportunity to participate in the pre-final round. You can register for the pre-final round via your online status page. The registration deadline for the pre-final round is Friday 3. May 2020.

§23: This global competition is attached to many costs such as human resource, technical infrastructure, materials, and much more. Our sponsors cover most of the expenses, however, to make this international opportunity possible we ask the participants to cover the registration costs of 8 USD for the pre-final round. The registration costs are necessary to provide the resources for the evaluation of this year’s competition and in particular for the comprehensive pre-final round. The registration costs will exclusively be used to make this global opportunity possible and are the only costs attached to this competition. The registration costs can be covered with any common payment option available and we will inform all qualified participants about further details.

§24: The results of the pre-final round will be announced on Monday 20. May 2020.

§25: Participants that have solved the pre-final round successfully are qualified to participate in the final round: a multiple-choice exam for which students have 60 minutes time.

§26: The final round consists of a single exam with 40 multiple-choice questions. The questions require knowledge about astronomy and astrophysics as well as calculation skills and creativity. Finalists have 60 minutes for the exam! To every question, there are four possible answers given (only one is correct). A correct answer equals one point. The awards and prizes are given to the finalists with the most points in the final round.

§27: The exam will (usually) take place in the school of each finalist supervised by a teacher. All finalists have to select a teacher (or another supervisor) who agrees to supervise the final exam. We will send all required information and the final exam to the selected teacher who has time to conduct the 60 minutes exam until Friday 7. June 2020. We will provide a special online form for all teachers to upload the results without much effort! The teacher has to make sure that the finalist does not cheat and the teacher has to end the exam as soon as the 60 minutes are over regardless of the number of questions answered. The results of the final round and IAAC 2020 will be announced on Monday 10. June 2020.

Further Rules

§28: We give the very best to avoid technical issues. Technical issues cannot be avoided and might happen. This includes email issues, the website may not be available, some features may not be available or working properly or show wrong information. We do not take any guarantee for not having technical issues and no claims (e.g. reevaluation, on prizes, on certificates) can be made because of technical issues.

§29a: We give all the best to make sure that the evaluation is fair and correct. However, we can not give a guarantee for this and human and technical failures might happen. If failures are detected after the deadlines or the competition or after the rounds are over, no claims can be made (e.g. such as reevaluation, on prizes, on certificates).

§29b: In case that two participants have an equal score in the final round, we will use the points from the pre-final and qualification round to determine the winner. If this method does not yield a winner, the coordiantors have to evaluate the individual submissions and solutions to the problems, and appoint the person that has proven to be more creative and skilled the winner. The coordinators may also decide that the two participants share the prize.

§30: The main communication and information tool is email. There may occur issues with email communication. Participants have to make sure that emails can reach them. Nevertheless, we can not ensure that there are no other issues occurring with email delivery or sending. All participants are responsible to check the official website and to use the status check tool on our official website.

§31: All information and deadlines provided in this terms, rules, and conditions, on our website, in emails, in flyers, and any other places may be edited and change without announcement and also after the competition or rounds. All participants are responsible to visit our website frequently to check for changes.

§32: There are no legal claims possible on any aspects of this competition (e.g. reevaluation, on prizes, on certificates, on information).

§33a: The main coordinators may disqualify participants from the competition. Participants that have found cheating will definitely be disqualified from the competition.

§33b: In case of equal results in the final round, the main coordinators will decide how to proceed: In general, the final winner will be decided based on the results in previous rounds.

§33c: The participation in the pre-final round requires the payment of the registration costs of 8 USD. The registration costs are non-refundable and do not depend on the results in the pre-final round or in the overall competition. Participants are responsible for duplicate payments and the IAAC is not required to refund duplicate payments.

§34: Exceptions from the eligibility are possible. The competition may be paused, stopped, or canceled at any time and without reason.

§35: No reasons for any action (e.g. disqualification, canceling of competition) have to be provided. We give our best to have a transparent and exciting competition. However, the coordinators and organizers are not required or responsible to hand out certificates or prizes at any time.

§35b: Registered teachers, which have to be approved by the IAAC team, can add participants via their email and birth year and view some of the participant information (i.e. results, certificates). Also, IAAC can forward the information and results of groups to schools and teacher, which affiliation to the participant was confirmed.

§35c: The teacher approval takes place under reservation. In case the IAAC team detects any irregularities, suspicious activities or unexpected high results of the students as well as form the teacher, we can require further verification documents, materials or contact to local officials to verify the eligibility as a teacher. If no later verification is successful, all results form the students in the final round can become null.

Site Usage, and Data Policy

§36.0: These terms and conditions govern your use of this website and the rules for programs, competitions, events, etc. conducted by this website or organization; by using this website and participating in events, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website, services, and material, participate in events or any other services provided by the website. Events mean any competition, project, offer, sub-website, article publishing, clicks, subscribing, submitting, applying, or other services.

§36.1: Every right to this website belongs to the organizers. The main responsible person and the organizer and coordinator is Fabian Schneider, see "Impressum" via the link on the bottom right corner for contact information. They are in charge of the content and cannot be replaced or removed without their own consent.

§36.2: This website may use cookies. By using this website and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent to our use of cookies for any purpose. In general, the events and the organizers do not take any warranty, responsibilities or duties as possible within the applicable law. If any of the following statements disagree with the applicable law it does not affect any other rules or terms in this statement and everything else remains valid.

§36.3: Unless otherwise stated, the organizers own the intellectual property rights in the website and material on the website. Subject to the license below, all these intellectual property rights are reserved. You may view, download for caching purposes only, and print pages from the website for your own personal use, subject to the restrictions set out below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

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Additional Data Policy

§37.1: We save data for the purpose of statistical evaluation, email marketing, and to improve our products and services. The manager (“Datenschutzbeauftragte”) is Mr. Fabian Schneider (Im Neuenheimer Feld 133, 69120 Heidelberg, schneider(at), +491776762399)

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§37.3: At the contact form we save also your email address and your personal name if your name is stated by you. On behalf of the participants we just store name, email address, password, country, birthday, career status, the name of your school/university/workplace, personal description, your profile picture and the optional information you state. Personal data, in particular name, address or e-mail address will be collected on a voluntary basis as far as possible. Without your consent, the data will not be passed on to third parties. The data expiration time is for profiles unlimited, to enable you access to your accounts. For all other statistical data, the limit is 24 months.

§37.4: The data is not given to third parties that are not affiliated with us. You have the right to be informed about the data that we save about you and you have the right that we delete the data. You have the right to complain about the data protection agency.

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