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Sara Ibrahim Elsaab

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Egypt, New Damietta
Omar Ibn Abdelaziz High School For Girls

Hello to everyone who reads this now. Before introducing myself let me tell you something first “When I was young, my biggest dream was to be a doctor, and I wanted to cross my way running to see this moment only in the belief that it was what would achieve my happiness and when I got older little by little, I realized that happiness is in this way and not just at the moment that is at its end. And here I have discovered some of my hobbies while I am on my way to achieving my goal, but I have also discovered my passion in many fields apart from medicine, and the most important of these fields is astronomy” back, I am Sara Ibrahim, 16 years old, studying at high school now, I have great experience in both Human Resources and marketing field and my hobby is reading especially in astronomy field.