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Tahira Kazimi

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Afghanistan, Kabul
American University Of Afghanistan

Being born and raised in Balkh, I never imagined that I would end up loving Astronomy. One afternoon, my brother approached me with a bunch of books, asking me whether I recognized any of its author. I had no idea who they are. Embarrassed not knowing the books, I started reading the first scientific book, Brief History of Time. Although difficult, I found parts of the book interesting, especially the Black Holes chapter. Since then, I have read several astronomy and physics books which were kind of an amusement for me. It has been six years from that time. Still it is always a defining moment in my life where I changed my perspective and discovered my passion. Thanks to our education system, I had to study for university admission exam in high school. On that time, I mostly listened to short lectures of astronomy professors and watched documentaries. I always wish that I could study Astrophysics in the university, but absence of Astrophysics major in Afghanistan caused me to major in Computer Science. Now that I am in the university, I am able to manage time to do some work on Astronomy. In my journey toward my higher education, I would like to encourage students to engage in science and help those students who suppressed their interest awaken it again.