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How to qualify for the final-round?
How does the final round take place?
How many questions does the final round have?
What kind of questions/topics will be asked in the final exam?
Who can supervise the final exam?
How can my teacher register?
Can you refer me to some teachers that can supervise my final exam?
Does the teacher have to be from my school?
Does the teacher have to be a physics/science teacher?
There are multiple finalists in my school. Can we have the same teacher?
My teacher rejected as a supervisor. What should I do?
What help/tools are allowed for the final round?
What if two participants have the same number of points in the final round?
When will the final winners be announced?
I had technical issues. Can I do the exam again or continue later?
Can my teacher supervise me online (via Zoom, etc.)?
What should the photo show that my teacher has to take?
I want to record my exam. Does a teacher need to register for me?
Who can film my exam?
Can I film the exam myself (without another person)?
How can I upload the video of my recorded exam?
What is the deadline for the video upload?
My camera/phone cannot film for 20 minutes. What should I do?
Does my teacher need a stamp on the teacher form (even during lockdown)?
What should the recorded video show?
Must the video recording have sound?
Can I skip questions and complete the exam under 20 minutes?
Can I bring a blank paper and pen during the exam?
Does my family/household member need to register to film the exam?
I have no teacher to supervise the exam. What should I do?
Can I do the exam on my phone?
How to collect my prize or award?

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