Registration for Teachers

On this page, teachers and supervisors can register to have access to several teacher tools, performance reports of their students, and to upload the student results of the final round.

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Information: Please write here your full name (forename and surname).


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Verification Document

Information: Registered teachers have access to the performance reports of their students and have the ability to upload the results of the final round. Because of that, it is necessary to provide a proof about your elegibiliy as an independent authority and to prove that you are an active teacher. The document should not be older than one year.

Note: If you are mentioned on your official school website (e.g. profile, contact information, recent article), please select 'Link to your profile/contact'. However, in this case we need an additional identification document (e.g. ID, passport, driving license).

Data Policy: All documents will be used exclusively for the approval and will be deleted afterwards!

Document: Letter of appointment

Information: We do not accept following documents: business cards, university degrees/diplomas, passports, LinkedIn profiles. Please upload your document in PDF or picture format.

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