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Ayush Ojha

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Newcomer (Score: 10)

Nepal, Kathmandu
Sunway Intenational Business School

My name is Ayush Ojha and I am from Nepal. Since my childhood I have been deeply interested in Astronomy and Computers. Most of my childhood was spent on coding and reading stories and articles about space. I am currently studying computer science and I have huge interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. I believe that these two technologies will change the way that we shape our future. So, I have aspired to become one of the leading AI developers in the future and help advance the research in these two fields. I believe that these are the two technologies that are going to be very crucial for us to become a type II civilization. I want to make sure that I am at the forefront of all this. I also dream of being on one of the shuttles that will take people to Mars in the future.