IAAC Ambassador Jeferson Scheibler

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Jeferson Scheibler

 Ambassador Level
Experienced (Score: 130)

Brazil, Lajeado
Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense Câmpus Lajeado

My name is Jeferson Scheibler and I am 17 years old. My areas of interest are Astronomy, Environment and Mathematics. In this way, I have several academic works in the environmental area and I participate in an astronomy group in the science club of my school. In this group, called AstroIF, we aim to foster interest in Astronautics, Physics, Astronomy and related sciences, in addition to promoting the dissemination of basic knowledge in a playful and cooperative manner aimed at aerospace activities. In 2019, we held a rocket launch event made with PET bottles. For me, the universe is full of magnificent things and phenomena waiting to be discovered, and this is made possible through astronomy and astrophysics.