IAAC Ambassador Mooneesah Abeer Fatimah

Official IAAC Ambassador

Mooneesah Abeer Fatimah

 Ambassador Level
Accomplished (Score: 630)

Oman, Muscat
Majan University College (University of Bedfordshire)

“Look mom, I want to go to the moon” said I, the three-year-old girl who looked outside the window. Little did I know this would become my passion. Hello space lovers, I am Mooneesah, a computer science engineer. Currently I am pursuing my master’s program in Computer Science and I aspire to work in NASA and become an astronaut. I have always been passionate and curious to know about space, galaxies and universe. I am an active member of the DIY planet Search community for searching of exoplanets and have won as the standout entry for the NASA Astrophoto Contest (2020). I like to capture pictures of galaxies, stars, nebulas etc. through the telescope. I look forward to serve my place of residence (Oman) and educate people especially the younger generation about the universe and show them how beautiful it is up there by conducting activities which will interest them.