IAAC Ambassador Salma Nagy Fathy

Official IAAC Ambassador

Salma Nagy Fathy

 Ambassador Level
Newcomer (Score: 470)

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
The Cambridge High School

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you’re on the International Space Station. You look down, and you see planet Earth— you see your nation: this one planet out of billions and trillions. But then you look away; you look into the depths of the cosmos...of the universe. I’m Salma: a 15-year-old science geek who loves reading, writing and photography. Unfortunately for me though, astrophysics is not a very prominent field in the region I live, so it is devastating being unable to pursue something I love. However, this has encouraged me to try and change that situation, and I am willing to inspire more students to re-pick up/ pick up interest in this field.