IAAC Ambassador Sri Vrushank Ayyagari

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Sri Vrushank Ayyagari

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Experienced (Score: 50)

India, Bangalore

I was 12 years old when I had resolved to pursue a career in Theoretical Astrophysics. Along with this, I performed a few extra-curricular activities at my school. Works of people like Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, had startled my mind with great mysteries about various problems which are still yet to be solved.” Since the day I began to study in science, my natural aptness inched me to read more about it. The beauty of the logic behind all phenomena in the universe along with the rich legacy of discoveries, made me realize that to be a theoretical physicist, is what would let me live my life my way. So, After a sound understanding of the fundamentals of science and math, I had taken an Undergraduate course in Physics and Mathematics to achieve my goals in life at the CHRIST(DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY). This is where I learned to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of science and the need to form a strong foundation in all the fields involved.